We offer you from stock and to order a wide range of drilling, oil, blowout, oil and gas and general industrial equipment:

  • blowout prevention equipment and accessories
  • sites rigs 3D76, 3D86, BU-75 BU-2500
  • spare parts for drilling pumps NSA-600, NBT-600
  • spare parts for pumps NB-32, NB-50, NB-125, CA-320 (9-T)
  • equipment for exploration and workover
  • spare parts for the rotor P-700, P-560 (URALMASH, VZBT)
  • swivel parts HC-250 HC-320
  • spare parts to tackle system
  • clutch SHPM 300, 500, 700, 1070 (production)
  • accessories for winches LBU-1200, BB-750
  • turbodrills, DDM and spare parts
  • calibrators of the COP, CSI, KLSV
  • elevators ETA, ECL, KM
  • drilling tool Volgaburmash, OJSC Uralburmash
  • spare parts for diesel engines D6, D12, Wola-H
  • spare parts for drilling keys AKB-3M2, CRA-4
  • Spare parts for compressors CT-6, 4VU
  • motors, pumps, pump units
  • general industrial electrical equipment, explosion-proof
  • stainless steel electrodes for welding high-alloy steels
  • drill pipes, casing, tubing

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