PRODUCTION: pneumatic drum clutch and brake 1070х200, 700х200, 500х125, 300х100


Pneumatic drum clutch and brake - elastic friction element intended to connect two shafts directly or through a pulley and the transmitt of torque to the working body of the drilling, oilfield and refinery equipment. pneumatic drums also used in the petrochemical, road construction machinery and other industries.

Composition of clutch:

Pneumatic drum clutch consists of:

• the outer rim
• Internal drum
• Removable rubber-cord cylinder, which, in turn, consists of:
◦ layers of rubberized cord;
◦ rubber tread;
◦ linings;
◦ nipple.

Brief description of pneumatic drum clutch:

Clutches provide:
• absorption of vibration, noise reduction;
• the possibility of remote control;
• ability to turn on / off clutch on the run;
• the ability to change the value of the transmitted torque by controlling the pressure in the cylinder.

A complete resource cylinders not less than:

• SHPM 300*100 - 8500 hours
• SHPM 500*125 - 1000 hours
• SHPM 700*200 - 900 hours
• SHPM 1070*200 - 900 hours


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